GPJ Architects has closed.

On 30 June 2019, Ian Johnson, Director of the architectural practice GPJ(Tas) Pty Ltd, trading as GPJ Architects, will retire from working as an architect. The practice will close on the above date. Mike Ganley and Mike Pope were previous directors and retired in 2012. Ian is thankful for having the opportunity to work alongside these two knowledgeable and exceptional professionals.

It has been a fulfilling experience as an architect, to carry out work which is both enjoyable and which others can share in the delight of the outcome. GPJ Architects has worked with highly talented and experienced subconsultants, drafters, artists, contractors, subcontractors and trade representatives in order to fulfil the wishes and dreams of GPJ’s clients and building users. A project cannot succeed without the dedicated input of a whole range of experienced and specialised workers, all focussed on the same goal.

The practice has had great support from the Australian Institute of Architects, the practice’s accountants and insurers and other allied professionals including website hosting and graphic artist services.

The practice is very grateful to clients for the opportunity to carry out architectural work on their behalf. If there is an aspect of past projects that clients would wish to discuss, would they please contact Ian Johnson.

Ian Johnson
Tel: 03 6223 8241